NDIS Reportable Incident Scoping Assessment


As an NDIS provider, you have extensive responsibilities relating to the care and treatment of people with disabilities. The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission (NDISQSC) requires accurate information about potential Reportable Incidents within 5 business days of your Immediate Notification.

WEIR’s new NDIS Reportable Incident Scoping Assessment (RISA) service provides a rapid assessment of incidents in 3 days.

Our highly experienced investigators are experts in the NDIS regulatory frameworks and dealing with sensitive and time-critical matters.

RISA enables you to:

  • Determine if an incident is reportable
  • Capture all necessary reporting information
  • Identify any immediate action required
  • Know what steps to take next

RISA provides a concise, independent assessment of your incident response that fast tracks compliance and empowers you to make decisions instead of chasing paperwork. Early detection ensures the safety of your customers while saving you time and money.

Contact us within 24 hours and receive a clear path forward before your Five Day Notification deadline.