Kate Molloy

Kate Molloy


Kate is a highly experienced and respected workplace consultant with decades of experience in the field of People and Culture. Her work has a strong focus on the management of workplace conflict, including workplace bullying and/or harassment and team related workplace dysfunction and she is committed to building positive workplace cultures. She has worked in both the Commonwealth and state public sectors, specialising in Learning and Development, Human Resource Management, Employee Relations and Service Centre management. She is a true client partner in ensuring organisations are not just addressing problems but with her advice are able to embrace opportunities for growth and progress.

Kate is an accomplished investigator, experienced in complex matters involving bullying, harassment and inappropriate workplace conduct for government, not-for-profit and private organisations. She is uncompromising in providing evidence as a basis for meaningful analysis, is relatable and attentive to what can be sensitive and compelling circumstances for those involved. People feel comfortable telling their story to Kate, no matter how sensitive the issues are. Her calm and considered approach provide a unique opportunity to gather both objective and subjective views to gain balance for the client.

Kate’s sound understanding of appropriate management, organisational practices and a wealth of experience provides clients with key insights into the systemic elements that impact the functionality of teams, and practical, thoughtful advice and solutions that can realistically be implemented. She is constantly alert to the larger implications of relationship dynamics and understands the significance of the organisational context in all complex matters.

Specialising in restorative services for individuals and groups, Kate seeks to cultivate a healthy workplace culture built on a foundation of well-designed systems and processes. Her goal is to enable managers and team members to identify skills and knowledge they need to create lasting change. A highly experienced trainer/facilitator, Kate employs creative approaches to deliver entertaining and instructive workshops that assist dysfunctional teams to communicate more effectively and thrive.

Kate is a deep thinker and mentor who excels in working with others. She has a unique ability to provide feedback of any kind in a way that enables the receiver to simultaneously feel acknowledged and empowered and can introduce a circuit breaker with a gentle and measured sense of humour that can support the conversation.

Qualifications, Certifications and Memberships

Master of Education (Adult)

Graduate Certificate (Adult Ed – Training)

Bachelor of Arts

Certificate IV Government (Investigation)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Conflict Coach