General Investigations

An investigation by a WEIR investigator can help you: 

  • meet your obligations under the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace
  • to meet your work health and safety law duty to eliminate bullying and other psychosocial workplace hazards
  • to defend a dismissal for serious misconduct under the Fair Work Act 2009
  • to avoid an application to stop workplace bullying in the Fair Work Commission

You may also need an external investigator if: 

  • your usual investigator has an actual or potential conflict of interest
  • serious issues or senior employees are involved
  • the matter is subject to external scrutiny or litigation
  • you have insufficient resources to investigate

Our investigators have expertise in investigating all kinds of workplace conduct, complying with: 

  • Fair Work Commission requirements for fair investigations leading to dismissal
  • Industrial Relations Commission requirements for public sector investigations of misconduct
  • the Australian Public Service Act 1999, Regulations and guidelines for investigating Public Service employees
  • state and territory government regulation concerning public sector misconduct– for example the NSW Government Sector Employment Act 2013 and Rules, the Queensland Public Service Act 2008 and the Victorian Public Administration Act 2004

They are skilled at planning and scoping investigations, interviewing, evidence gathering, recording and analysis, and report writing.

They work efficiently to complete projects within given timeframes, are committed to impartiality and ethical practice, trained in trauma-informed approaches and have the ability to treat persons from diverse backgrounds and with diverse needs equitably and respectfully.

We offer workplace investigative services in the following areas:  

  • workplace misconduct
  • employee grievances and complaints
  • workplace incidents including death and injury
  • privacy or confidentiality breaches
  • discrimination on the grounds of race, age, disability and other criteria
  • fraud, theft and misuse of employer resources
  • conflicts of interest
  • adverse action and victimisation
  • leaking of sensitive and confidential information
  • review of actions and investigations to ensure proper process
  • compliance with laws such as firearms legislation, licensing, work health and safety

We have a multidisciplinary team and easy access to external support such as computer forensics, forensic accounting, or handwriting analysis.

From the time you receive a report, allegation or complaint, we can assist you to:

  • assess the matter
  • determine the most appropriate process for managing it
  • comply with any laws or reporting requirements
  • investigate effectively and efficiently
  • resolve matters which do not require investigation.

We offer investigation services nationwide with office locations on the east coast of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Gold Coast and Brisbane. Contact us to speak to a consultant.