Workplace Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative process which has the aim of enhancing the employee’s performance, wellbeing or development and their ability to make positive purposeful change. It can be one on one or team-based and has proven benefits for wellbeing, performance and skills, coping, work attitudes, as well as goal aspiration and achievement.

We may recommend employee coaching: 

  • as part of development for leaders or managers 
  • to address patterns of conflict or as part of preparing for facilitated discussion and mediation 
  • when other interventions have not achieved or are unlikely to achieve the desired result
  • to address problem or unhelpful behaviours
  • to assist with change management or other complex organisational challenges
  • to improve performance  

Our approach involves engagement with key stakeholders such as the coaching client’s manager and an agreement setting out the coaching goals and timeframe and how success will be measured.  

Our coaching approach will be tailored to the particular client, their situation, challenges and goals. We are not restricted to one approach or model.  

Coaching is undertaken within organisational settings for the purpose of improving a client’s job-related skills, job performance or work-related personal development. Within an organisation, there will be a range of stakeholders involved in the coaching relationship, with varying objectives. These can include the organisation itself, the coaching client’s immediate supervisor/manager, and an HR representative. The coaching methodology may also be informed by the views of other stakeholders such as the coaching client’s team (through 360˚ or other feedback) and the needs of relevant community sectors. 

Usually there will be some goals identified by the organisation and/or the coaching client at the time of engagement. Any specific measurable expectations such as performance against KPIs or improvement of problem behaviours should be clarified and agreed between the coach, the coaching client and key stakeholders in advance. Additional goals or unknown factors may emerge during coaching conversations which add to the goals or further refine them. The coach will assist the stakeholders and the coaching client to articulate their hopes and expectations for the coaching engagement to reach a common understanding. 

In conjunction with our coaching services we also offer:  

  • MTQ Plus (mental toughness assessment) to develop and enhance resilience and hardiness, particularly for those facing stress and adversity 
  • VIA Character Strengths assessment and coaching to identify signature strengths and coaching to support using strengths to achieve goals and enhance wellbeing
  • Facet 5 personality profile reports and feedback to help the individual understand the aspects that make them unique and a tailored approach to wellbeing, performance, challenges and development.
  • Fact 5 Strategic Leadership Review 360˚ assessment which gathers information on behaviour and makes suggestions for development based on the Bernard Bass model of Transformational and Transactional Leadership
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment 

We provide coaching services nationwide, both face to face and virtually, with staff and offices along the east coast of Australia, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Contact us to speak to a consultant. 

MTQ plus
Facet 5